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Roadmap To YouTube Channel Success

  • Simplify the content creation process

  • Have unlimited video ideas

  • Quickly create clickable titles and thumbnails

    • Package 1
    • 1 Hour 1-ON-1 Channel Consult ($295 VALUE)

    • BONUS 1 - Scroll Stopping Thumbnail Training ($95 VALUE)

    • Total Value - $390

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      Package 2
    • 5X 1-On-1 Channel Blueprint Strategy Sessions ($1475 VALUE)

    • BONUS 1 - Year Access To The BETA YouTube Channel Blueprint LIVE TRAINING ($395 VALUE)

    • BONUS 2 - Scroll Stopping Thumbnail Training ($95 VALUE)

    • BONUS 3 - Headlines and Titles That Get Clicks Swipe File ($95 VALUE)

    • BONUS 4 - Your Planned Viral Video Training ($95 VALUE)

    • Total Value - $2155

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      Most YouTube Videos Are Destined To Fail,

      Learn How To:

    • Find Your Ideal Audience

    • Get Views and Grow In 3 Repeatable Steps

    • Turn Your Passion Into A Dream Business

    • Most Content on YouTube Doesn't Get Views

      Meet Viet Huynh


      I started my journey in content publishing, via blogging. Discovering how fast video content ranks versus blog posts gave me an epiphany of how powerful YouTube really was.

      I have consulted for creators, professionals and business owners to get more leads and monetize their content business. Been in online entrepreneurship for 20 years.


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      Identify Your Ideal Viewer

      and Create Content

      They Can't Wait To Share

      Doing something you LOVE for a living is the ultimate goal. If we have the choice to spend the 1 life we have the way we want, WHY WOULDN’T we?

      I have been down the same roads, trying to figure out how to turn a passionate side hustle into a full time gig.

      I have a beautiful wife and son who I spend most of the day with. Nothing is more important than this family time.

      The last thing I want to do is trade the time I will never get back for money working for someone else.

      Entrepreneurs are built differently.

      Sometimes you just want the fast forward button to get to success. Most of my day is spent making memories with my wife and son because that is what's important to me.

      Stop trading the limited time you have pushing forward someone else's dream.

      Let’s go over what you have tried.

      We’re Ready To Help You Grow On YouTube

    • Create valuable content for your audience

    • Entertain, educate, and inspire

    • Become the trusted go to source

    • Growing A YouTube Channel Shouldn’t Be Hard

      But Sometimes It Is…

      To Get Your Videos In Front of the Right Viewers You Need To Please the YouTube Algorithm

      Stop spending hours on every video editing the wrong way

    • Learn how to edit in a way that keeps people engaged

    • Stop guessing on what content will get views

    • Find repeatable video types that are proven to be successful at growing your channel

    • Make optimized content that feeds the YouTube algorithm

    • Understand what works and you'll always be confident in your content

    • Raving Reviews

      “It was amazing to see

      1. Where all the potential or estimated sales from channels were coming from. 

      2. What niches make the MOST money. 

      3. How to find heavy traffic videos to make and how to make them to optimize for retention. 

      BONUS. How to write creative titles/create thumbnails and tags quickly.”

      Will H.

      "I thought the way you taught me how to search for the right content using keywords was really great. 

      I also got value from showing me how to use different tools to determine if a video is good for a smaller channel to undertake."

      Steve S.

      “Mr. Huynh I want to thank you so much. I truly appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to spread so much valuable information. 

      About getting my YouTube channel off to a great start. 

      Please continue with your great work and your wonderful ambitions to motivate others just like me to keep pushing. 

      Always remembering that we have what it takes to make it. You have been a blessing these past few days I’ve talked to you.”

      Janay J.

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